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Naneum instruments

Nano-ID NPS 500

The Nano-ID NPS500 sets a new standard for high sensitivity and selectivity aerosol measurements. It provides the ability to measure particle size distributions over a range of 5 nm to 500 nm with 128 user-selectable channels. Read More

Nano-ID Select

The Nano-ID Select is a wide-range sampler and is unique in that it spans the entire aerosol range from 2 nm up to 20 μm. Read More



WELCOME TO NANEUM - Winner of 2012 IOP Innovation Award

Naneum is a dynamic, fast growing company providing the next generation of instruments to measure and characterize aerosols. Naneum was founded in 2005 with the aim of developing and marketing robust and easy to use instruments for detecting and characterizing airborne nanoparticles in-situ at the workplace and in the field.

Naneum instruments are built on the experience and know-how of the Naneum team who have been working at the leading edge of research into particle behaviour for many years. Naneum instruments have been designed to solve customers’ problems. Naneum instruments are leading edge- combining research grade performance; portability and ease of use.

Click here to read about the Naneum success in winning the 2012 IOP Innovation Award

* A comprehensive product offering covering an aerosol range of 1 nm to 30 μm
* Particular emphasis on the nanoparticle range of 1 nm to 500 nm
* Measure particle size distributions spanning the range of 5 nm to 500 nm with 128 user-selectable size channels
* No radioactive sources used for particle charging
* New condensation-based products do not use alcohol or water as the working fluid.
* Products can operate unattended without re-filling or other routine maintenance for up to 2,000 hours
* Instruments offer multiple functions for added value

The instruments in our new Nano-ID® platform are self-contained and portable. Collecting, classifying, and characterizing particles are now possible without the need for complicated instruments or a dedicated lab station. Cumbersome and awkward instrument control interconnections have been eliminated. Measurement accuracy can be increased, the time for data collection can be reduced, and experimental logistics simplified by moving the instrument to the area of interest or aerosol source.

Simple to Operate
* Large touch screen displays and intuitive user interface design for easy configuration
* No special training required
* Internal memory for sample data storage; data download via USB
* Greatly reduced consumables usage
* The expense and logistical problems associated with hazardous materials are eliminated

Moving Science Out of the Laboratory
This new collection of products provides the performance of laboratory-grade instrumentation but is specifically designed for the application-based needs of occupational hygienists, toxicologists, environmental researchers, meteorologists, manufacturing, process, and quality control groups.

Naneum Instruments for Industry:

  • Industry (such as monitoring exposure where industrial processes give off particulates, or quality control of nanoparticle manufacturing processes)
  • Environmental monitoring and occupational health (in an air sample containing particulates, their size and number are key parameters driving exposure).
  • Measuring the air quality in clean rooms and investigating sources of contamination
  • General research in nano-science.
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